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Making the Switch

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Moving away from a commercial diet has been in the back of a mind for years now but I was never really sure how to do it right. I wanted to make sure Chile was getting all the proper vitamins and minerals in her diet along with the right balance of protein , fruits and vegetables. I was given the opportunity when a fellow dog lover who runs the local dachshund rescue recommended Sabine Contreras, a canine nutrition counselor. I started working with Sabine of Better Dog Care in late November 2012 to formulate a balanced, raw, homemade diet for Chile. With Sabine’s personalized meal plan and guidance I have started to slowly transition Chile from her commercially prepared raw food (Stella and Chewy’s) to an all homemade diet. While on paper Stella and Chewy’s provides the type of nutrition that I consider to be ideal (raw meat from free-range animals and organic fruits and vegetables) you can’t beat a homemade diet where you can be 100% certain exactly what goes into every meal.  I understand that not everyone has the time to prepare a fresh diet for their pets but not all commercial brands are created equal .  A raw diet is also not the answer for every dog but a diet based solely on dry food is not right for any dog. I have heard SO many excuses from SO many people over the years about why they continue to feed their animals a dry diet but the one that seems to top the list is “Dry food helps clean my dog’s teeth”….WRONG! Eating dry food cleans your pet’s teeth about as much as eating a pretzel stick cleans your own teeth. Brushing your pet’s teeth is what cleans them, raw meaty bones also help, but kibble does next to nothing for a dog’s dental health. If you want to do one thing to improve your pet’s health STOP feeding kibble!


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